Suffolk County Mortgage Verification Fee Increase

      Pursuant to an act of the Suffolk County Legislature, effective January 1, 2017, the Suffolk County Clerk’s office will begin to assess a Mortgage Verification fee on all mortgage related documents submitted for recording. The assessment will be charged at a rate of $300 per document and will affect documents such as, but not limited to Mortgages, Assignments, CEMAs and Satisfaction of Mortgages.

The present expectation is that this fee will be treated the same as in years past. As long as the document is in Real Property by 12/31/2016 the new fee will not apply. Documents presented in Real Property on 01/01/2017 and after will be assessed the fee. The thirty-day rule will still apply, so if the documents were verified prior to 01/01/2017 they would still have to be recorded within the 30 day period, otherwise the new fee will apply.

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